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Method A: Dryer Vent / Duct Cleaning from Outside only

Vent Cleaning is done from outside access. A skipper ball is inserted into the ductwork.  A device shoots down the duct spinning and pushing everything in its path to the outside.  The skipper ball works its way through, up to the flex duct at the dryer.


Homeowner does not have to be home, therefore reducing the cost.


Cannot be done if a lint trap or booster fan is installed.

We can’t guarantee that all lint will be removed from flex hose at the dryer.

Method B: Dryer Vent / Duct Cleaning using Push-pull method.

The flexible duct is disconnected from the dryer then a blower is attached. Skipper ball is inserted from outside working its way loosening debris in its path pushing everything to the outside.


Very effective cleaning.  We can guarantee that all exhaust system, lint trap, and booster fan if installed, will all be cleaned.


Access to the laundry room has to be provided in some cases dryer has to be moved.  Homeowner or manager must be present.

Time consuming therefore the cost is higher.

Added Value Method B

Using Method B: We are able to clean vent inside the dryer, check all the connections, change hoses and do repairs if required.


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